Patricia Marion Fogarty

Pat Fogarty (1940-1999) was an illustrator whose drawings and watercolours appeared regularly in newspapers, magazines, books, and in national advertising campaigns - in every size and context, from billboards to brochures to ginger-beer labels. Iin 1981 she settled in north London and consolidated her career as a self-employed illustrator. Her clients included Penguin, The Daily Telegraph and Reader's Digest; she also produced more than a hundred illustrations in a two-year project for Tesco.

Her skill at creating a likeness led to commissions such as Penguin’s cover portraits of John Mortimer for “Clinging to the Wreckage” and “In Character”. Evocative restaurant interiors and still-lifes enhanced restaurant and food columns. With friends cast as nurses, pensioners or romantic heroes, based on research and photographs, her work was versatile, honest, precise and confident.

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