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Life for Sulis Fine Art started as a father and son team. Initially sourcing artworks from the South West of England, we now cover the entire country and sell to hundreds of countries worldwide.

We take great pride in offering a breadth of pictures at low prices. Through innovations in technology we are able to add hundreds of new artworks every week. With over 13,000 pictures currently for sale, we are the largest seller of classic art in the UK. Our speciality is 19th Century British Art which comprises roughly half of our catalogue but we gladly sell any art of quality - from 17th century engravings to European contemporary oils.

Meet the Team!

  • Dan Profile Picture

    Dan Nadel


  • Bill Profile

    Dr. Bill Nadel


  • Saira Profile


    • M.A. Curating, University of the West of England
    • Foundations of Western Art, Sotheby's Institute of Art
    • B.A. (Hons) History, National University of Singapore
  • Beatrice


    • B.A. (hons) History of Art with Gallery and Museum Studies, University of East Anglia
    • M.A. Curatorial Practice, Bath Spa University
  • Hannah Profile


    • Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, University of Cardiff
    • B.A (hons) Fine Art, Bath School of Art & Design
  • Maisie Profile


    • M.A. Arts Management, Bath Spa University
    • B.A. (Hons) Fine Art, Loughborough Univeristy
    • Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Weston College
  • Olly Profile


    • M.Sc. Conservation of Historic Buildings, University of Bath
    • B.Sc. (Hons) Conservation of Objects in Museums and Archaeology, Cardiff University
  • Alex Profile


    • B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology, University of Exeter
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