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Style of Augustin Edouart - Fine 1831 Cut Paper, Napoleon Bonaparte Silhouette

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Style of Augustin Edouart - Fine Original 1831 Cut Paper. A 19th Century cut paper silhouette on a lithograph background of Fort Ticonderoga in New York. This lithograph background was known to have been used by Edouart for other works. However the signature is not that of Edouart. Bears signature and date to the lower left. Signed and dated. Condition is typical for a picture of this age including some discolouration. Some very light surface abrasions to the silhouette. A few spots of surface dirt, but in general appearance is good.

Augustin Edouart was one of the most famous silhouetists of his time. Born in France, he discovered his talent after moving to London; he was able to recreate a sitter's likeness by cutting silhouettes free hand from black paper, in just a few minutes. He created at least two copies of each silhouette he made, keeping an original for his own records, inscribed with the date and sitter. He replicated the likenesses of royalty, world leaders, figures of high society and politicians, working in London, Edinburgh and Co. Cork, Ireland, as well as travelling around America as a profilist. He created over 100,000 silhouettes during his career, but much of his life's work was destroyed when his ship was wrecked in 1849 when travelling from France. He was so distraught at the loss that he ended his career as a silhouettist. His volumes which were recovered from the wreckage were sold to various collectors.


25 x 18.5cm (9.8" x 7.3")
Sheet: 25 x 18.5cm (9.8" x 7.3")

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From a portfolio of 19th Century silhouettes. Although these appear to be genuine 19th Century silhouettes, we suspect that some of the dates and signatures may have been added later, and some the signed names may actually be the names of sitters rather than artists.

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Code ns888
Artist Style of Augustin Edouart
Date 1831
Dimensions 25 x 18.5cm
Framed No
Medium Misc
Style Realism
Subject Portrait
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