Exclusive Trade

Members-only access to over 12,000 artworks at reduced trade prices, plus 10% off all orders.
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A personal account manager to recommend relevant artworks and help with specific order or delivery requirements that you may have.
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Art Box

The option to purchase a large mixed collection of art selected based on your needs and requirements, at a hugely discounted price.
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Reservation and

Reserve paintings for up to a month, and the option to return them if you change your mind.
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Access to our newest listings 24 hours before they go live.
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Join our free 3 month trial and have access to these benefits.
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Sneak Previews

Early access to artworks

  • Receive a link via email to view and buy our latest listings 24 hours before they become available to the public.
  • Sold artworks can be removed from public view.

Sulis Art Box

Large discounts on bulk orders

  • Our Sulis Art Box offering is perfect for anyone looking to purchase over 50 artworks with a flexible or broad criteria.
  • At a very competitive and discounted trade price, we will include a mixed selection of artworks and send you a series of photos to give you an overview of the artworks included in your box.
  • Once agreed, we ship all the artworks in one parcel straight to your door.

*Please note that our ‘no-quibbles’ return policy will not apply to artworks within the Sulis Art Box, except in the event of damage in transit.

Reservations & Returns

  • Reserve paintings for up to a month while you consult your clients, or your budget.
  • A 'no-quibbles' return policy.

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For enquiries or further details, feel free to contact us.

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