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John Cherrington (1931-2015) - Signed 1987 Oil, Abstracted Floral Still Life
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This week we are pleased to present an interesting collection of caricatures and portraits by the satirical artist Jad Davies (1909-1998). We also bring you a selection of delightful early 20th century watercolours by F. Careless. Our current collection includes an exquisite 19th Century French school oil by listed artist Jules Dufour (1812-1871).
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Jad Davies (1909-1998) - 1983 Coloured Pencil, Peter Riley
Jad Davies (1909-1998)
20th Century Caricatures / £17.80 - £73.48

Jad Davies was born in Glamorgan, South Wales. His life-long pastime was drawing the faces of notable public figures whom would sign Jad's caricatures personally. He amassed a vast collection, many of which were reproduced in the national newspapers.
Davies was known for his 'Lightning Sketches' that captured many people that he met. He exhibited widely at the RBSA, St. Ives Society of Artists, the Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain and Sutton Coldfield Art Society.
This particular caricature of Peter Riley, the director of F.C. Plymouth has been completed in Jad's humorous style. 

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F. Carless
Early 20th Century Watercolours / £72
We are pleased to bring you this very fine collection of early 20th Century watercolour scenes. Interestingly the artist has chosen a monochrome colour palette for this particular study, giving the artwork a charming vintage quality. This river scene has minute brushwork, and the artist has a clear proficiency in the medium. All four artworks are presented in a dark wooden frames with visible grain. 
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F. Carless - Early 20th Century Watercolour, Woodland River Scene
Jules Dufour (1812-1871)  
 Early 19th Century Oil £1,518.00

Sulis Fine Art is proud to present this exquisite French school interior with figures, by the artist Jules Dufour (1812-1871). Central to the dark interior scene is an elderly female figure, in early 19th Century French dress, surrounded by three young children.
Dufour has been influenced by the Dutch Old Masters, with regards to lighting and mood. The positioning of the figures, and elements of still life in the composition, join to create an expressive and eye-catching work. This is a truly engaging painting, emanating the humanism of both the artist and subject.
This artwork is handsomely presented in a substantial late 19th Century gilt wooden frame, with highly ornate leaf-and-berry running pattern. 

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Jules Dufour (1812-1871) - 1835 Oil, French Interior with Old Lady and Children
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