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 Itzchak (Isaac) Tarkay (1935-2012) - 20th Century Serigraph, Secret Admirers
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This week we are pleased to present a vibrant collection of oil paintings by the English artist Bernard Preston. We also bring you a selection of WWII illustrations along with contemporary Christmas card designs by various hands. This week our collection also includes a number of fine 18th Century engravings by George Hepplewhite (1727-1786).
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Patricia Champness - Contemporary Gouache, Three Kings in the Snow
christmas card designs
Contemporary Gouache Illustrations / £42.80 - £54.59
Sulis Fine Art is pleased to present this charming selection of original gouache Christmas card designs by various hands. These seasonal works are beautifully vibrant, illustrating various Nativity scenes and picturesque snowy landscapes. The graphic styles and elaborate compositions are wonderfully current, influenced by contemporary trends in illustration.
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WWII Illustrations
Gouache Military Studies / £37.80 - £38.80
This week we bring you an impressive collection of original watercolour and gouache studies created to be reproduced as book illustrations of World War II planes and ships. The artist has achieved a fine level of detail displaying a broad knowledge of military fighter planes. The artist's intensely realistic style is incredibly striking. The dramatic backdrops give a poignant context to these historic vehicles. 
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Mid 20th Century Watercolour - Camouflage Fighter Planes
Bernard Preston - Signed & Framed Mid 20th Century Acrylic, Carols, St Phillips
Bernard Preston
20th Century Oils £47.70 - £107.00
We recently acquired a small collection of 20th century oils by the English artist Bernard Preston.  In his distinctive photographic style Preston depicts various scenes from rural life in Britain. His affinity with the natural world is clear, favoring Cornwall and the Scottish highlands as areas of creative interest. 
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George Hepplewhite
18th Century Engravings / £80.48
This week we bring you a number of 18th Century engravings by prolific English cabinetmaker and furniture designer, George Hepplewhite. The collection includes three original engravings from the 'Repository of Designs for Every Article of Household Furniture, in the newest and most approved taste', or The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Guide. The elaborate furniture and tablecloth designs are in Hepplewhite's highly collectible neoclassical style.
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George Hepplewhite (1727-1786) - Four 18th Century Engravings, Table Designs

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Some of Our New Favourites

Lady Louisa Beresford (1818-1891) - Graphite Drawing, Caen Wood
G. E. Reynolds - Signed Late 19th Century Oil, Still Life with Grapes and Apples
J. Chatel - Signed 20th Century Oil, Pont Neuf, Paris
Louis Klein - 20th Century Oil, Abstract Woodland Scene
 Esme Eve - Contemporary Gouache, Kings Presenting Gifts
Evelyne Byers Bessell (1901-1990) - Etching, The Reader's House, Ludlow