New This Week: Ernest Fedarb NS, Dorothy Willis, John M. Edwards and much more

Ornate Framed Late 19th Century Oil - Elderly Dutch Lady
New this week
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This week we introduce new additions to our existing collections of works by Ernest Fedarb NS, Dorothy Willis and John M. Edwards.
For a limited time only, you can also enjoy 40% off our collection of landscapes by Irish artist Claude Hayes RWS (1852-1922).
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Ernest Fedarb NS (1905-2005)
20th Century Watercolour Studies /£14.90 - £42.90
British artist Ernest Fedarb was born in 1905 in Canterbury, Kent. He held his first exhibition when he was just 21 with the Royal Society of British Artists. Marrying a fellow artist Daphne Fedarb, the pair travelled regularly to France and French landscape became a common theme in their work. In 1985 Ernest was made president of the National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers. Joint exhibitions of his and Daphne's work were held at the Fine Art Society in 1932 and the Sally Hunter gallery in 1986.
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 Ernest Fedarb NS (1905-2005) - Watercolour, Continental Village Scene
 Dorothy Willis - Signed Mid 20th Century Watercolour, View of the Rockies, America
Dorothy willis
Watercolours & Pastels £23.70 - £31.11
We have added to our collection of landscapes and still lifes by the 20th century artist Dorothy Wilis, many of which are signed.
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JOhn m. edwards
Contemporary Landscapes & Portraits / £39.09-£86.21
We offer a new collection of contemporary works by the British artist John M. Edwards, featuring English landscapes and portraits painted in watercolours and oils
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John M. Edwards - Contemporary Oil, Man Fishing in a Harbour
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Some of Our New Favourites

 Framed 20th Century Mixed Media - View over Rooftops
Ornate Framed 20th Century Oil - Bavarian Street Scene
 Framed Contemporary Oil - Strawberry Pickers
Continental School Late 19th Century Oil - Seascape off a Coast
Framed Contemporary Oil - Quayside Scene
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sale | 40% off Claude Hayes RWS (1852-1922)
Claude Hayes (1852-1922) - Signed Watercolour, Trees in Silhouette

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