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This week at Sulis Fine Art we are pleased to introduce further additions to our popular collection of surreal still lifes in oils by Julian Gordon Mitchell. We also bring you freshly discovered abstract compositions in pastels by Hector McDonald Sutton, along with a new collection of late 20th century pastels by Robin Hutton.
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Julian Gordon Mitchell - Contemporary Oil, Honey Trap
Julian Gordon Mitchell (b. 1968)
Modern Oil Still Lifes / £69.24 - £182.05

Julian Gordon Mitchell is an English artist who uses painting as a window into an imaginary, dreamlike world. His work is sometimes macabre, often unsettling and invariably crafted with obsessive care. His unique pictures make conscious references to the European canon of painting as well as metaphysical and surreal art. Julian's critically acclaimed portraits have been shown at the National Portrait Gallery, The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, and The Cabinet Office in Westminster. Julian has been living and working in Berkshire for over 15 years. As well as developing imaginative pictures, he paints portraits on commission.

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Hector McDonald Sutton (1903-1992)
Abstract Pastels / £20.55 - £72.63
Sutton was born in Walsall Wood, Staffordshire and studied at Southport and Liverpool Schools of Art before going on to the Royal College of Art. Between 1928-1937, he assisted Alfred Kingsley Lawrence, one of his tutors at the Royal College of Art, to complete the Bank of England Murals. Working as a painter, mural artist, print maker and as a later sculptor, Sutton exhibited at the Royal Academy and in the provinces. He held a number of teaching posts, becoming the first principal of Mansfield College of Art and was adviser to the Nottinghamshire Education Committee.
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robin hutton
Contemporary Pastels / £19.36 - £60.18
We introduce a new collection of late 20th century pastels by Robin Hutton. Robert (Robin) Hutton was born in 1919 and spent most of his life as a teacher at Fulneck School, Pudsey. Hutton drew mainly in pastels, choosing a very varied subject matter which ranged from portraits to continental views landscapes. He died in 2017.
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19th Century English School Watercolour - Rural Coastal Landscape
 Russian School Early 20th Century Oil - Wild Ponies
 2002 Signed French Oil - Provence Landscape
 Miniature Early 19th Century Watercolour - Portrait of an Elegant Lady
20th Century Oil - Impressionist Textured Landscape
Early 19th Century Watercolour Miniature - Portrait of a Lady in Red
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Art with history
Early 19th CENTURY ENGLISH school portrait of a lady
Early 19th Century Watercolour - Portrait of a Lady
A wonderful portrait of a young lady dressed in clothing typical of the 1830's. Her large puffed sleeves are just visible, covered by an elegant lace shawl and her fashionable ringlets peek out through the lace bonnet. This could possibly be a self portrait, or a drawin

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