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 English School 19th Century Watercolour - Warship in a Bay
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This week Sulis Fine Art is pleased to bring you a variety of new artworks including a vibrant collection of watercolours by Richard Ian Bentham Walker, a group of pastel studies by A.V. Bramble and the above 19th Century study of a naval ship.
We have also added a number of interesting coastal and garden studies in watercolour to our Ernest Fedarb NS collection. 
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Richard Ian Bentham Walker (1925-2009) - 1994 Watercolour, Portrait of Girl
Richard Ian Bentham Walker (1925-2009)
Vibrant 20th Century Watercolours / £30.93 - £74.23

We bring you this collection of works on paper by Croydon born artist Richard Ian Bentham Walker, direct from the artist's estate. The artworks have a wonderfully playful quality where Walker has applied the paint with large, gestural brushstrokes. The collection includes watercolour landscapes, portraits and still life studies including this appealing portrait in blue tones.

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Richard Ian Bentham Walker (1925-2009) - Signed 1999 Watercolour, Garden Shed
Watch our video on the life and works of Richard Ian Bentham Walker
A.V. Bramble - 20th Century pastel, Study of a Townhouse
A.V. Bramble
20th Century Pastel Studies / £19.36 - £39.31
We introduce a new collection of 20th century pastel studies showing gardens, interiors and street scenes by A.V. Bramble. This particular artwork displays Bramble's accomplished handling of the medium. The warm tones and interesting composition perfectly visualises a sunlit town house.
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Ernest Fedarb NS (1905-2005)
Mid 20th Century Watercolours / £14.90 - £37.40

We are pleased to present a number of interesting additions to our Ernest Fedarb collection. The British artist had his first exhibition when he was just 21 with the Royal Society of British Artists.  Our collection includes a range of works from his lengthy and successful career. Marrying a fellow artist Daphne Fedarb the pair travelled regularly to France. The French landscape became a common theme in his work. 

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Ernest Fedarb NS (1905-2005) - Pen and Ink Drawing, Cottages in a Rural Valley
Watch our video on the life and works of Ernest Fedarb
Ernest Fedarb NS (1905-2005) - Mid 20th Century Watercolour, Manor House Garden
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Two 1923 Watercolour Studies - Garden Scenes