New This Week: 95 Pictures - Jan Korwin Kochanowski (1897-1970), Kathleen Rumsey, Richard Ian Bentham Walker (1925-2009)and much more

Monogrammed Newlyn School Pre-Raphaelite Style 1880 Oil - Cornish Beach
New this week
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This week at Sulis Fine Art we are pleased to introduce a new series of realistic charcoal studies by Kathleen Rumsey and a varied collection of oil and watercolour studies by Richard Ian Bentham Walker (1925-2009). We also introduce a collection of charcoal portraits by Polish artist Jan Korwin Kochanowski (1897-1970) and a variety of interesting early 19th century miniature portraits, signed 'W.R'.
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Richard Ian Bentham Walker (1925-2009) - Framed Oil, Still Life with Flowers
Richard Ian Bentham Walker (1925-2009)
Modern Oil and Watercolour Studies / £22.75 - £179.68

Richard Ian Bentham Walker was a Croydon born painter of portraits, landscapes and imaginative subjects in oils and watercolours. The compositions have a wonderful playful quality, where Walker has applied the paint in large, gestural brushstrokes with a vivid colour pallet. The collection includes scenes from The Isle Of Herm, Wales and the Channel Islands.

Walker trained at the Slade School of art and exhibited at the RA, RP, RBA, ROI, Paris Salon, Croydon Art Society and UA; the last of which elected him a member. Walker held a solo exhibition at the Alpine Gallery, London in 1981 and his work is in the collection of Middlesbrough Council, the Museum of London and the Royal College of Music.

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 Richard Ian Bentham Walker (1925-2009) - Signed 1999 Watercolour, Garden Shed
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Kathleen Rumsey After Edmund Leighton - c.1902 Charcoal Drawing, The End Song
Kathleen Rumsey
Charcoal Drawings / £47.60 - £75.14
A collection of fine charcoal drawings by Kathleen Rumsey depicting various classical scenes and copies of Pre-Raphallite artworks, such as this highly accurate copy of the 1902 painting by Edmund Leighton (1852-1922), depicting the tragic tale of Tristan and Isolde. Other scenes include a charming portrait of an Edwardian lady and representations of Greek mythology.
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Jan Korwin Kochanowski (1897-1970)
Charcoal Portraits / £52.59 - 42.31

We are pleased to present a collection of charcoal portraits from Russian born artist Jan Korwin-Kochanowski, a member of the Sussex County Arts Club, where his work was regularly represented.

A radiologist by profession, Kochanowski survived the Russian Revolution and WWII, travelling to Palestine, Egypt, Italy and France while serving in the Polish Army. His portraits capture the personality, life and essence of the sitter and come from his time as a prisoner of war, while others were completed during the mid 20th century.

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Jan Korwin Kochanowski (1897-1970) - 1943 Charcoal Drawing, Captain Srokowski
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