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Tim Mara (1948-1997) - Signed Limited Edition 1983 Screen-print, Chequed Jersey
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This week we are pleased to present a variety of limited edition prints from a collection of works by artists associated with the Swedish print maker and modernist Birgit Skiöld. We also bring you a series of early 20th century landscapes by George Hamilton Constantine, along with contemporary watercolours by English artist Audrey Reddy.
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George E. Johanson (b. 1928) - Signed 1983 Etching, Striped Self Portrait
A Tribute to Birgit Skiöld (1923-1982)
Contemporary Prints / £29.34 - £328.31

Birgit Skiöld (1923-1982) was a Swedish printmaker and modernist, heralded as one of the most important printmakers of the 20th century. Skiöld ran the highly successful Print Workshop in London.
The workshop became the first open-access professional print studio in England and soon became a destination of choice for such celebrated artists as David Hockney and Eduardo Paolozzi.
Sulis Fine Art is proud to bring you these works from a cased set of prints by artists who were associated with Skiöld. The British Museum holds one of the editions entitled 'A Tribute to Birgit Skiöld'. The artists featured in this portfolio were taught by or worked with Skiöld. Our available artworks are numbered 18 of 25 editions taken from a second volume which was published by the Birgit Skiöld Memorial Trust and distributed by Pimlico Press, London in 1983. 

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Hon Chi-Fun - Signed Limited Edition 1983 Screen Print, Season Without a Name
Watch our video on our Birgit Skiöld Tribute collection!
Audrey Reddy
Contemporary Watercolours / £16.77 - £30.34
Sulis Fine Art brings you this charming collection of contemporary watercolours by the English artist Audrey Reddy.  This particular artwork boasts a beautifully selected colour palette and displays the artist's obvious flair for composition. The vibrant ochre fruit perfectly contrasts with the teal vase and burgundy foliage to give this artwork a wonderful autumnal feel. This collection includes a variety of excellent still life studies and modern landscape scenes.
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 Audrey Reddy - Contemporary Watercolour, Still Life, Flowers and Fruit
George Hamilton Constantine (1878-1967) - Signed Oil, Coastal Street Scene
George Hamilton Constantine
20th Century Oils / £158.74 - £308.36
Sulis Fine Art is pleased to present this impressive series of oil paintings by British artist George Hamilton Constantine. Born in Sheffield, Constantine went on to study restoration and conservation at the Courtauld Institute. Noted for his charming beach scenes he was a prolific exhibitor and achieved much commercial success. A member of the Sheffield Society of Artists, he exhibited at the RA, Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts, Manchester Art Gallery and Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. Towards the end of his life Constantine was appointed Director of Graves Art Gallery, continuing his important contribution to Sheffield's vibrant art scene. Our collection of oil paintings includes a charming rural landscape and excellent coastal street scene.
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Takeshi Hara (b. 1942) - Signed Limited Edition 1983 Lithograph, Abstract

We are pleased to present this vibrant contemporary print by Japanese printmaker Takeshi Hara as part of our Birgit Skiöld tribute collection.
Takeshi Hara is a prominent Japanese printmaker, specialising in creating beautifully smooth forms with expert handling of the pigmentation and translucency of the inks. Hara originally studied painting at Tokyo University of Fine Arts. During his time of study Hara became involved with the traditional Japanese wood print medium, turning away from Western techniques. The use of lithography allows Hara to heighten the smoothness of his forms and gives him more control when printing.

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Takeshi Hara (b. 1942) - Signed Limited Edition 1983 Lithograph, Abstract
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 Alistair Grant (1925 - 1997) - Signed Limited Edition 1983 Silkscreen, Kiludi II

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