New This Week: 156 Pictures - Eliza Westlake, Charles William Cole, Joyce Roybal and much more

 Michael Grimsdale (b. 1963) - Modern British 1982 Oil, Wild West Cowboys
New this week
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This week we are pleased to introduce this vibrant panoramic landscape with cowboys by British artist Michael Grimsdale (pictured above). We also bring you a charming collection of Victorian graphic sketches by Charles William Cole, modern oils of musicians by Joyce Roybal and 19th Century watercolour coastal scenes by Eliza Westlake.
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 Eliza Westlake - Mid 19th Century Watercolour, Winter, Fordingbridge, New Forest
Eliza Westlake
19th Century Watercolours / £20.76 - £42.70

We are pleased to present this interesting collection of 19th Century watercolours from an original sketchbook signed Eliza Westlake. Keeping watercolour albums was a popular pass time for many Victorian ladies. Each study would attempt to realistically document scenes from daily life in great detail. This album is no exception, meticulously captioned these studies sensitively depict various scenes from around the south coast of England. Locations include the New Forest and coastal studies from the Isle of Wight where Westlake probably lived.

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Charles William Cole
Victorian Pen and Ink Drawings /£10.98 - £51.70
This expansive collection of Victorian pen and ink drawings comes from an album entitled 'Sketches, C.W. Cole'. We believe some of these sketches were produced for The Graphic Magazine 1884-1885. A weekly illustrated newspaper, the publication had was respected within the Victorian art scene, boasting high quality artisan printing methods. Another sketchbook by the artist is in the collection of the National Library of Ireland produced when the artist accompanied HRH the Duke of Edinburgh on his "Relief of Irish Distress" tour of the west of Ireland in 1880. The collection includes a range if historic and military genre scenes.
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 Charles William Cole - Late 19th Century Pen and Ink Drawing, Portrait of a Lady
Joyce Roybal (b.1955) - Signed 20th Century Oil, Two Musicians
Joyce Roybal (b.1955)
Modern British Oils / £124.81 - £129.80
Joyce Roybal has enjoyed much commercial success with art galleries and auctions houses across the UK. These vibrant depictions of musicians playing various orchestral instruments are particularly appealing . The artworks are typical of Roybal's distinctive naive style. The use of sgraffito (a technique which involves scratching directly into the wet paint) gives the paintings a dynamic, charismatic quality.
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L.E.M - Signed 20th Century Oil, Atmospheric Woodland Landscape
 H.Lewis - 1918 Watercolour, Portrait of Lady and Dog
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Mark Clark (b.1959) - Framed Contemporary Oil, Nude Portrait, 'Zoe Seated'​
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