After Joseph Bouvier - 1887 Watercolour, Salon Interior with Figures
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This week we bring you watercolours by 'The Yorkshire Lowry', Lois Bygrave, portraits and figure studies by Ronald Birch and a collection of very fine artworks taken from a 19th century sketchbook. Other highlights include a Dorothy S. Hallett portrait of a terrier, a Cuthbert Gresley (1876-1963) floral watercolour, and much more.
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Lois Bygrave (1915-1996) - Mid 20th Century Watercolour, Eiffel Tower, Paris
Lois Bygrave (1915-1996)
Watercolours  / £78.80 - £137.80

Lois Bygrave, born Bradford 1915, was a Yorkshire artist with a distinctive style. Known as 'The Yorkshire Lowry' her watercolours are very popular. She exhibited in Harrogate and London as well as other provincial Galleries.

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Ronald Birch
Portraits / £23.40 - £105.30
We offer a new collection of figurative studies by Ronald Birch, including portraits and female nudes in graphite and watercolours.
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