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This week, we are proud to introduce the above exquisite portrait by John Horsburgh (1835-1924), along with a figurative oil by John Stanton Ward RA RWS RP NEAC CBE RA and Belgian portraits of children by Jeanne Brandsma (1902-1992).
We also feature a new collection of post-war still lifes in oils by the British artist Anthony Brown. We also bring you a collection of Cornish pastel landscapes by Fred Dymond and etchings by F.L Wilder. Further additions have been made to our existing John M. Edwards collection.
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Anthony Brown (1906-1987)
Still Lifes in Oils / £107.45 - £257.08
Anthony Brown's paintings are highly collectable. Brown’s work can be found in the Dorset County Museum in Dorchester. This collection encapsulates Brown’s varied and progressive style, typical of the post-war era. This includes a number of modern still life works and landscapes the lean towards a more cubist approach.
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Fred Dymond
20th Century Coastal Studies /£17.37 - £24.35
From a pristine album of pastels by Fred Dymond (1902-1981) that we have acquired. Dymond worked in watercolour, pastel and oil to depict coastal and rural Cornish. He was born in Parr, Cornwall and lived London, Torquay, St Ives and finally Clovelly. 
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Fred Dymond - Mid 20th Century Pastel, Cornish Harbour at Low Tide
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 Dorothy Willis - Signed Mid 20th Century Watercolour, View of the Rockies, America
F.L Wilder
Etchings & Drawings £10.98 - £40.71
A collection of woodland and coastal etchings and graphite drawings by F.L. Wilder, executed circa 1941.
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JOhn m. edwards
Contemporary Landscapes & Portraits / £39.09-£86.81
We offer a new collection of contemporary works by the British artist John M. Edwards, featuring English landscapes and oil portraits painted after Rembrandt.
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Some of Our New Favourites

John Horsburgh (1835-1924) - Exquisite Signed 1877 Oil, Portrait of a Lady
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