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This week we offer you a new collection of Victorian Grand Tour studies by William Waterhouse and contemporary framed artworks by Jeff Gibbons.

We also have some very fine Italian portraits and introduce a new sale on our collection of Noel Dowling artworks.
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 William Waterhouse - Two Mid 19th Century Graphite Drawings, Alpine Waterfalls
William Waterhouse
Grand Tour Studies / £58.81- £19.05
We are pleased to offer a collection of mid 19th century Grand Tour studies in graphite and watercolour by William Waterhouse, who was a brother to the illustrious trio of Theodore Waterhouse, Edwin Waterhouse and Alfred Waterhouse RA.
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Jeff Gibbons
Framed Contemporary Works / £45.70 - £120.65
We introduce a collection of contemporary framed landscape and portrait studies by Jeff Gibbons. Mediums include pastel, mixed media and watercolour.
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Jeff Gibbons - Framed Contemporary Watercolour, Melancholy
 Arturo Petrocelli (1856-1926) - Early 20th Century Oil, Old Man Smoking a Pipe
arturo petrocelli
Italian Portraits / £206.25
We present a pair of early 20th century signed oil portraits by Italian artist Arturo Petrocelli.
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dino paravano (b. 1935)
Kudos in Shade

Sulis Fine Art is proud to present this impressive oil painting by the internationally acclaimed Italian artist Dino Paravano.

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Dino Paravano (b.1935) - Signed and Framed 1987 Oil, Kudos In Shade
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