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This week we introduce you to a collection of watercolours by British artist Ernest Fedarb (1905-2005) depicting the French landscape, Art Nouveau costume designs, and Egyptian scenes by Giovanni Barbaro (1864-1915).

Other highlights include watercolours by John G. Innes and a pair of framed 19th century landscape oil paintings signed M. Sinclair.
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Ernest Fedarb NS (1905-2005) - Signed 1931 Watercolour, French Town Scene
Ernest Fedarb ns (1905-2005)
Watercolours / £22.33 - £42.42
This week we bring you a collection of watercolours by British artist Ernest Fedarb. Fedarb was married to a fellow artist Daphne Fedarb and the pair travelled regularly to France, the French landscape becoming a common theme in their work.
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Art Nouveau Costume designs
Watercolours / £46.36 - £58.81
We are excited to present a collection of exquisiste Art Nouveau style drawings depicting figures in floral costume designs. Some are monogrammed A.P. and one is inscribed indistinctly 'Believed to be by 'Astor Pears'.
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A.P. - circa 1906 Watercolour, 1940s Costume Design

Giovanni Barbaro (1864-1915) - Gilt Framed 1920 Watercolour, Tomb of Caliph
Giovanni Barbaro (1864-1915)
Egyptian Landscapes / £173.47 - £206.25
Giovanni Barbaro (1864-1915) was an Italian British artist best known for his Eastern and desert landscapes. He was born in Amalfi but was also known as Arthur Dudley when he lived in Bath and London. We are pleased to bring you five Egyptian scenes by the artist.
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John G. Innes
Watercolours / £16.40 - £56.40

A collection including watercolours, graphite drawings and pastel studies by John G. Innes. We love this depicting of boys relaxing on a riverbank. 

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John G. Innes - 1946 Watercolour, Boys Bathing on a Riverbank

Other Highlights

Some of Our New Favourites

Henry Schafer (1833-1916) - Signed Late 19th Century Watercolour, Interior of Milan Cathedral
John Bampfield (b.1947) - Signed and Framed 20th Century Oil, Tower Bridge
Irene Prentice - Framed 1931 Oil, Dutch Windmill Scene
St. Ives School Contemporary Acrylic - Blue, Grey and Orange IV St Ives
Nazzareno D'Angelo - 20th Century Oil, Gentleman with a Pipe
A.P. - circa 1906 Watercolour, Peacock Costume Design
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weekly sale -
Maurice Sheppard PRWS NEAC (b.1947) 
Maurice Sheppard PRWS NEAC (b.1947) - Signed 1993 Watercolour, Rusthall, Kent
For this week only we are offering 20% off all Maurice Sheppard PRWS NEAC (b.1947) artworks.

Sheppard was the first Welsh President of the Royal Watercolour Society and he was elected to the Royal Watercolour Society in 1974 and served as President from 1984 – 1987. He has exhibited his works widely, including regularly at the RA Summer Exhibition and at the Victoria & Albert Museum.
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