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This week sees additions to our current collections of Newlyn School style harbour scenes and works by British artist James Frank Adams. We also introduce Modern British School portraits by Ben Carrivick and Chris Plowman.

Other highlights include new works by one of our Sulis Represented artists, Richard J.S. Young.
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 James Frank Adams (1923-2008) - 1986 Oil, The Dogs
James Frank Adams (1923-2008)
Landscapes / £9.69- £213.75
We bring you oil paintings by the contemporary British artist James Frank Adams. His work shows an artistic passion for depicting the natural world. There are a number of African as well as English landscapes.
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newlyn school
Contemporary Oils / £52.25 - £214.40
A collection of framed Newlyn School style harbour scenes in oils, depicting boats at Newlyn harbour, painted by the same hand. Many are framed.
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Ben Carrivick - Contemporary Oil, Modernist Portrait
Ben Carrivick
Contemporary Portraits / £45.44 - £91.53
We introduce a collection of modernist contemporary portraits by British artist Ben Carrivick.
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Chris Plowman (1952-2009)
Silkscreens / £49.64

Finally, we bring you vibrant contemporary silkscreens of female portraits by the listed artist Chris Plowman.

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Chris Plowman (1952-2009) - 20th Century Silkscreen, Portrait of a Girl, Blues
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