James Cowie (1886-1956) RSA - Early 20th Century Watercolour, County Houses, Bothwell, Lanarkshire
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This week Sulis Fine Art presents works by the highly acclaimed 20th century Scottish artist James Cowie RSA (above).
Our newest offering also features a collection of pheasant studies by C. Lovell and further additions to our W. Jeffs collection.
For a limited time only we are featuring a 60% discount on our entire collection of nude and figurative studies from the estate of Barbara Dorf.
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James Cowie (1886-1956) RSA 
20th Century Scottish Landscapes
Sulis Fine Art is proud to present two works by the highly acclaimed 20th century Scottish artist James Cowie RSA (1886-1956), which were exhibited at The Scottish Gallery, James Cowie Retrospective Exhibition, November 1986.
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C. Lovell - Signed 20th Century Oil, Pheasants in a Winter Landscape
C. Lovell
20th Century Oils /£76.24 - £86.21
20th Century British artist C. Lovell paints traditional studies of pheasants and other game birds. Our new collection features pheasants in a snowy landscape and a hunting party on horseback. 
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W. Jeffs - Fine 1836 Graphite Drawing, View of Ryder Pier from Alpley Wood
W. jeffs
19th Century Drawings / £16.80 - £30.80
Additional works by W. Jeffs complement our existing collection. The collection features 19th century topographical graphite drawings including views of Scarborough and the Isle of Wight. Most are inscribed with locations and dated.
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60% off our barbara dorf collection
Artist's Estate 
For a limited time only save 60% on our large collection of nude and figurative studies by Modern British artist Barbara Dorf. The works originate from the artist's estate and are authenticated with estate stamps.
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Barbara Dorf - Mid 20th Century Pen and Ink Drawing, Slouching Nude
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Some of Our New Favourites

Garcia - Large Signed and Framed Contemporary Oil, Ships in a Seascape
 Hubert Andrew Freeth (1912-1986) RA - Signed Watercolour, Music Makers
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