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 William Eyre (1891–1979) - 20th Century Gouache, View of Traviso, Venice
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This week at Sulis Fine Art we are pleased to introduce a new collection of landscapes in oils and watercolours by the Croydon Art Society painter William Eyre (1891-1979), many of which were exhibited in November 2008 by James Harvey British Art at Malletts in Chelsea.
We also bring you a collection of North American desert landscapes by Gordon Howes, and a pair of very fine character studies by the great 19th century watercolourist John Massey Wright RWS.
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William Eyre (1891-1979) - Signed and Framed Oil, Loch Ryan, Galloway
William Eyre (1891-1979)
British Landscapes / £62.56 - £386.06

William Eyre (1891-1979) was a landscape painter of extraordinary talent who exhibited at the Croydon Art Society for the best part of twenty years.

Our collection of watercolours and oils by William Eyre includes stunning views of the artist’s beloved Welsh landscape, plus Ludlow in Shropshire, Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight, Woodbridge in Suffolk, Roundstone in Ireland, Windsor and many others. Most of the works are signed by the artist and titled and dated to the reverse. 

Many of these works were exhibited at a special exhibition in November 2008 entitled 'William Eyre: A Gentleman's Travels' which was hosted by James Harvey British Art at Malletts in Chelsea.


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Watch our video on the life and works of William Eyre
Gordon Howes (1938-2013)
American Studies / £19.36 - £39.31
A collection of fine gouache artworks by scientist and artist Gordon Howes, depicting tropical fish and American landscapes. The impressive level of detail, in particular to the fish studies is indicative of Howes scientific knowledge. This clearly impacts his artistic style, visible in his tendency towards photorealism.
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Gordon Howes (1938-2013) - Signed 1995 Gouache, La Ventana
John Massey Wright RWS (1777-1866)
Character Studies / £192.33

We are pleased to present a pair of theatrical character studies by the great watercolourist John Massey Wright RWS (1777-1866), depicting the villain and the hero of a play (most likely from Shakespeare).  John Massey Wright was born in Pentonville, London, 1777 to an organ builder. His artistic talent lay in his small studies illustrating the poems of William Shakespeare, Oliver Goldsmith and others. Wright exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1812-1818 and was elected a member of the Royal Society of Painters in Watercolours in 1825.

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John Massey Wright RWS (1777-1866) - Watercolour, Stage Character - The Villain
Other Highlights

Some of Our New Favourites

 Michael Bowman - Signed and Framed 1980 Oil, View of Dorchester High Street
 Margaret Beale RSMA (c. 1886-1969) - Early 20th Century Oil, Fishing Village
 Rita Greig (1918 - 2011) - Framed 20th Century Oil, Still Life with Wine Bottles
M. Bigwood - 1929 Watercolour, Young Lady with Red Hair
 Sarah Ann Newell - 1837 Watercolour Miniature, Lady in Traditional Dress
Marie Garnier (b.1870)- French School Graphite Drawing, Self Portrait as a Child

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