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22nd September 2016

This week it is our pleasure to introduce a large collection of watercolours, collages and drawings by Richard Harding Seddon PRWS, fine watercolours by Charles E. Brittan Junior and oil paintings by Margaret Hall.

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Our Recent Collections

  • E. Gaston Longney

    E. Gaston Longney

    From a large collection of paintings, drawings and watercolours by E. Gaston Longney. Many are signed or monogrammed and dated.

  • The Adams Collection

    The Adams Collection

    The Adams family were three generations of artists and photographers based in Reading. This expansive body of work presents a complete picture of the talented family

  • E.H. Lawson

    E.H. Lawson

    She travelled extensively and in addition to works around Britain she painted abundantly on the 'Grand Tour' of Europe and this collection includes a watercolour of Canada.

  • The Hannaford Collection

    The Hannaford Collection

    Based in Norwich, the Hannaford family comprised of two key artistic figures; Charles Edward Hannaford (1863 - 1955) and his son, Charles Arthur Hannaford (1887 - 1972).

  • Julian Gordon Mitchell

    Julian Gordon Mitchell

    Part of a collection of drawings and watercolours by the Berkshire artist, Julian Gordon Mitchell.

  • Richard J.M. Dupont

    Richard J.M. Dupont

    Pen & ink and charcoal studies by the equestrian painter, Richard John Munro Dupont (1920-1977). In the collection was a small group of photographs of Lord Jacob Rothschild participating in hunts

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